Vegan Permaculture is the bringing together of two powerful and inspiring movements. Both are focused on how we produce food and live in alignment with core values. For vegans the focus is  on not consuming or supporting the exploitation of animals. For permaculture the core ethics are are: earth care, people care and fair share – […]

We’re just getting started with this whole site. It’s being run by a team of volunteers who are using their spare time to help it grow so please bear with us as we find our feet. One of the many things we’re keen to do is play a role in developing ideas and exploring questions […]

Meet Vone and Pure. They’ve set up a Vegan Permaculture farm in Thailand and have also kindly offered to provide advice and support to others who would like to do the same or have already begun the process. Check out this video we made to introduce them: You can post any questions you have for […]

There are a lot of videos and resources explaining permaculture. This video is one example: Is there a particularly good explanation that you would recommend? Please share in the comments below.

The topic of soil fertility is a key aspect to understanding permaculture approaches and perspectives. This is because healthy and nutritious soil is what enables plants to grow and determines much of the nutritional value of any food that plants produce. The earths crust is a diverse range minerals in the form of rocks and […]

There are already some great lists of resources. So here begins the list of lists which will be added to over time: Add any recommendations of your own in the comments below.   Also here are some specific links: Report: The Productivity of Vegan-Organic Farming Measuring small-scale vegan-organic farming against large-scale conventional and organic […]

Below is some of the key information shared on their Facebook group which you can join here. THE EDIBLE FOREST – INFORMATION The Location 500 Acres of Land Between Rhigos and Blaengwrach. With good road access at both ends. The land will be owned by – THE EDIBLE FOREST C.I.C. Private Limited by Guarantee (not-for-profit) […]