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by Marcus

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The idea is to set up a Vegan Permaculture Land Cooperative that buys up low cost bits of land around the world with the intention of reinstating them as commons for people to use but on the condition that they are not used for the exploitation or killing of animals in any way.

The details of how this could be set up still need to be established so before donating start by adding your ideas for how this project could be set up. The aim of a cooperative is that it is not run by one person. So this is just the seed of an idea. Planted to see what grows by sharing it and inviting collaboration.

The picture and land shown is just an example. It was found on the website The details for this particular piece of land are:

“Land with 1.7ha consisting of traditional olive and pine trees.
Great for beekeeping! Good sun exposure, 500 meters from the tarmac road.
Located 2km from the village of Freixial do Campo.”

The location of the first bit of land could be decided collectively. Also ideas for how it is shared. Perhaps as a campsite that any people who donate X amount can stay on.

Please feel free to ask questions. Add ideas etc.


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