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EcoBox – Save the planet every month!

Are you journeying towards an eco and plastic-free lifestyle? Do you want to be more ecologic? Let The Vegan Tree help you and enjoy each EcoBox with a great selection of Earth-Friendly products every month!

♥ Choose the plan that suits you better;
♥ 3-6 items per box;
♥ Products reusable for months & years;
♥ Adults and Children friendly;
♥ Eco-Friendly, Vegan, Plastic-free Products in a recycled kraft box.




What plans are available?

Choose the plan that works better for you. We have got available:
♥ 1 month (only one order) – You pay once and we deliver only 1 EcoBox to your door (when ordered)
♥ 2 months (only one order valid for 2 months) – You pay once and we deliver 2 EcoBox (e.g. May+June)
♥ 3 months (only one order valid for 3 months) – You pay once and we deliver 3 EcoBox (e.g. May+June+July)
♥ Did you love them? Come back and order more for the next months!


What is in the EcoBox?

Each EcoBox is packed with up to 6 products for a better You and a better Earth directly to your door.
You will find lovely products which you won’t want to stop using them!
Welcome card, instructions and other details will be sent by email as we want to reduce the maximum waste as we can.
Please note the pictures published on this listing show just one of the million possible combinations (you will get just up to 6 items, depending on the total value).


Why do I have the “Bamboo Tooth Brush” option?

Unfortunately, the only 100% compostable toothbrush is the one made with pig hair bristles and, as vegans, we don’t sell that product.
Although these Bamboo Toothbrushes made with nylon-4, charcoal or bamboo fibre, are more ecologic than the normal plastic toothbrushes by having 100% biodegradable and sustainable Bamboo handle and 100% BPA free bristles. It’s your totally choice having it or not in you EcoBox.


What if I want to buy the EcoBox for 3 months or several times separately?

Don’t worry! We keep records and we never send the same products without checking with you first. If you really liked one specific product let us know and we will add it on your EcoBox just for you.


Are these EcoBoxes personalised?

The EcoBoxes’ main goal is introducing you to a new lifestyle by knowing different eco-products every purchase. We won’t be able to personalise your order unless:
♥ You have ordered an EcoBox previously;
♥ You need favours for Weddings, Baby Showers or other Events (size and items to be checked);
♥ You want to buy an EcoBox for your pet.

We are more than happy to help you with your decision. Send us an email or a text for more information.


EU – £20.00
USA – £30.00
UK – £0.00 (Free).
If you live nearby we can delivery your EcoBox by riding the bike. Also, if you don’t want the box, a discount coupon on your next order will be offered.

All EcoBoxes orders placed will be sent 3 – 5 business days after.
An email and message will be sent to keep you updated about your order.

♥ 1 month EcoBox – dispatched 3-5 business days after the purchase (e.g. EcoBox order placed on the 4th of May will be dispatched between 7th-9th of “May”)
♥ 2 months EcoBox – dispatched 3-5 business days after the purchase (e.g. EcoBox order placed on the 4th of May will be dispatched between 7th-9th of “May+June”).
♥ 3 months EcoBox – dispatched 3-5 business days after the purchase (e.g. EcoBox order placed on the 4th of May will be dispatched between 7th-9th of “May+June+July”).
♥ Event’s Favours – to be checked.



One of our missions is to support you making the right decision by journeying towards an ecologic and plastic-free lifestyle. If you are not happy with your EcoBox please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will discuss what your thoughts about it are and we will try to make it work.



Some of the items you will get are for personal use so, for that reason, we don’t accept returns. Please, contact us for more information.


1 EcoBox (1 Month) (£29.00), 2 EcoBox (2 Months) (£55.00), 3 EcoBox (3 Months) (£80.00)

Bamboo Tooth Brush?

Yes, please., No, thank you.


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