King Oyster (Pleurotus Eryngii) Mushroom Liquid Culture 10ml




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King Oyster are among my favourite gourmet mushrooms. They have a more robust texture than other oyster varieties and can be an excellent meat substitute.

Like most oysters, the mycelium runs aggressively, so they among the easiest to grow. After expanding the mycelium onto grain, transfer them to buckets or bags and use pasteurised straw or sterilised and supplemented hardwood shavings as substrate. With enough humidity and air exchange, they will yield fruits true to their name.

You will receive one 10ml syringe + needle, which can be used to colonize approximately ten 500ml jars of grain or expanded into further agar or liquid cultures. Each culture has been tested for contamination. This culture is second generation and has been selected for desirable genetics.

Cultures are created under sterile conditions at our on-site laboratory using a laminar flowhood.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We will gladly talk you through the inoculation and subsequent growing process to ensure the greatest chance of success.


1 Syringe (£6.99), 2 Syringes (£12.99), 3 Syringes (£17.99), 5 Syringes (£24.99), 10 Syringes (£39.99)

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