Eucalyptus archeri x 2 plug plants, Evergreen white flowering Hardy gum tree, Fragrant Specimen Plant / Hedging Coppice Winter interest

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2 Large strong plug plants for immediate dispatch
Similar to gunnii in appearance, although hardier and more tolerant of salt and exposure, but not for damp ground like the gunnii.
A fast growing eucalyptus. The magnificent Eucalyptus archeri is one of the most popular hardy varieties of eucalyptus, which thrives in our climate. With silvery-blue, rounded young leaves that give way to long, glaucous, sickle-shaped adult foliage and smooth whitish-green bark that is shed annually in late summer to reveal greyish-green bark, sometimes flushed pink or orange. Although not often seen in the UK, it can bear beautiful creamy-white blooms when it flowers in summer. Eucalyptus are naturally trees, sometimes reaching a great height, but in gardens regular firm annual pruning can keep them as large shrubs and maintain a supply of the juvenile foliage enjoyed by gardeners and flower arrangers. Ideal in a pot on the patio, it can be grown to form a standard tree and clipped regularly for a compact head of silver-blue foliage which produce a scented natural oil that will keep bugs and gnats at bay. This magnificent evergreen, fast growing specimen can grow up to 1m (36in) in the first year and once established, are hardy to -18°C (0°F). Easy to care for, it requires minimum attention. Plant in well-drained;heavy;chalk/alkaline/acidic soil in full sun / Ht 25m & Spd 8m / Fully Hardy

We use locally made natural worm cast based compost and feed. This is a natural bio food making healthy strong plants, naturally balanced and less prone to disaese.

Are plants are grown hardy to enable faster establishment after they arrive too you. it is important to unwrap immediately and soak if needed. if you need time before planting then a loose covering of compost in a pot for any plugs or bare root plants will do.


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