Dicksonia antarctica soft Tree Fern AGM (1 live potted plant) – Hardy tree Fern, Evergreen Shade woodland plant

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1 x 9cm p9 pot plant for direct planting, immediate dispatch

Dicksonia are evergreen tree ferns, but may be deciduous in cold areas, with a stout erect, trunk-like rhizome clothed in fibrous roots, and bearing a rosette of large, pinnately divided fronds

Grown in ireland from seed. We use locally made natural worm cast based compost and feed. This is a natural bio food making healthy strong plants, naturally balanced and less prone to disease.

Are plants are grown hardy to enable faster establishment after they arrive too you. it is important to unwrap immediately and soak if needed. if you need time before planting then a loose covering of compost in a pot for any plugs or bare root plants will do.


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