The Daily Blog Post Experiment


I watched a video on youtube – unfortunately I don’t remember the name otherwise I’d link it here. Long story short, it persuaded me that writing a daily blog could help:

  • Clarify my thoughts

  • Create momentum with projects

  • Connect me with likeminded people

So I’m going to give it a try.

It’s a good time to do it because I’ve just arrived back in Sudan (where I live and work for 10 months of the year) and therefore I’m getting back into / establishing my habits for the next 10 months.

My goals I’ve committed to are:

  • Exercise regularly (the target is 3 times a week)

  • Set up a podcast

  • Create an educational permaculture garden at the school where I work

The reason I’ve posted this blog post here is because:

  1. This is a website that I was quite committed to getting going in the past and I’m hoping that starting to post on here again will reignite my focus and motivation

  2. As I document my progress with projects it may be of interest to people who are interested in Vegan Permaculture

  3. I am hoping to work on some more Vegan Permaculture plans soon.

If this blog becomes too irrelevant for this website then I will move it elsewhere.

That’s enough for my first post. I will add another one tomorrow.


I help to grow Vegan Permaculture.


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