Bathtub Shopping


Ok so first the bad news… I didn’t go to crossfit training yesterday. I went to bed instead. I’m writing this almost exactly 24 hours later now that when I wrote yesterdays blog. Hopefully this time I will not fall asleep and will actually go to crossfit.

Anyways, enough about that. The good news is… today my friends and I saw lots of bathtubs! Take a look at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean:

We also saw a water tank and looked at that as a potential option:

We ended up deciding to get some of the most broken bathtubs available for about $5 each. The guy we spoke to didn’t have enough of the low quality ones available that day so we took his number and he will arrange to get us 9 of them for tomorrow.

We drove back through the traffic listening to music and made a plan to go inspect the bathtubs tomorrow:

After that we need to find ropes, some poles, some plastic sheeting and some good soil. Hopefully tomorrow we will get time to find some of those things too.


I help to grow Vegan Permaculture.


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