How and why did you get into vegan permaculture? I think it’s only fair we explain how we actually became vegan and then entered into the world of vegan permaculture at the ages of 49 and 55 years old! In 2011 both Dave and I lost almost everything, Dave through a messy divorce and a […]

This is an emerging community that has teamed up to buy 103 hectares of land in the Algarve, Portugal. They are all committed vegans and working on restoring the land using permaculture principles. The aim is to have 40 households living on the land and working collaboratively. I have visited and they are a great […]

Below is some of the key information shared on their Facebook group which you can join here. THE EDIBLE FOREST – INFORMATION The Location 500 Acres of Land Between Rhigos and Blaengwrach. With good road access at both ends. The land will be owned by – THE EDIBLE FOREST C.I.C. Private Limited by Guarantee (not-for-profit) […]

“Kuna Comuna is a vegan permaculture project and intentional community on Tenerife. A place where we can grow as human beings and learn how to live holistically and harmoniously together with each other and nature.” Check out their website for more information:

Graham Burnett Based in the UK. Graham runs Permaculture Design Courses, writes books, supports projects. Generally does loads to help explain and promote vegan permaculture. Check out his website for more information: