London Community Food Growers Network


“Food growing is probably one of the most important means to challenge capitalist power structures”- Zaria, May Project Gardens

The Community Food Growers Network is a London based not-for-profit collective of projects.  This video makes clear the importance of community food growers in the face of the exploitative forces of capitalism as well as the gentrification and exponential growth of London, particularly through the management of land for property and profit. The collective of spaces is empowering people who have found themselves at odds with the system, returning their agency and allowing them to reconnect to land and food. It is a beautiful inclusive project building community in a spirit of cooperation over competition. They have also taken action, campaigning for a more resilient food system for London, I highly recommend taking a look at their website for more information and to read their manifesto. The emphasis on food justice really stood out to me, they consistently advocate for all members of their community and those outside of it, ensuring everyone’s voice has a place to be heard. Overall this is a really exciting project that fills me with hope for the future of community-based projects. 

Film shot by: Tayo Rapoport

Edited by: Filmanthropy

Visit The Community Food Growers Network website for more information:



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