Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs (Full Documentary)

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  1. I feel like there is a fair bit of alarmist attitude throughout the video that is more about hyping up the dangers of something instead of looking at it from both sides more equally.

    One of the more ironic parts i found was in the beginning with one guy going “So instead of changing their agricultural model to accommodate what is natural, they’re changing nature to accommodate the industrial model”. As if that’s some big gotcha… Yes, that is exactly what is also happening in other industries and humans as well as nature are benefiting from it.

    Nature has given us plenty of good medicinal products, but at the same time there have been just as many plants or herbs that are toxic or adverse for humans, some merely by touch. The fact that we can alter and manipulate these things to produce life-giving, life-saving and life-altering drugs and medicine is fantastic. There are few human beings in modern society that can not say they have not, directly and in-directly, benefited from the pharmaceutical industries, regardless of our opinions on the industry as a whole.

    Additionally, throughout the video, there are multiple times where the blame for all the evils of GMOs, patenting of seeds, etc. are laid at the feet of Monsanto alone, as if the driver behind those issues are not oversight institutions being corrupt as fuck, specially w in countries such as US, Australia, China etc. that are benefiting those corporations that are happy to pay their way to wholesale manipulation of the agricultural industry. That issue is barely touched on throughout.

    I do however wholeheartedly agree that the larger effects in nature such as killing insects and bees necessary for nature to work at its most effective being killed off in the name of profit and ease of process is sickening and will have nothing but negative impacts on us in the long term. That is without even going into the long-term effects this surely has on the physical condition of our bodies.

    But as much as the people in the video go on about the ethical and moral failures in this industry, does it not simply come down the fact that it’s a financial and political motivations at its core?
    As long as industries are not held accountable for their greedy practices or given financial punitive actions, they will continue in this way, no more different than Pepsi or Nestle trying to take over our waters unless they are stopped by both political and financial actions taken.

    The video towards the latter point take a few minutes to go over this, but this is such a larger issue and possible path towards resolution that i’m surprised they kind of glossed over going into depth about this as much as more things like labeling.

    At the same time, i do applaud the general attitude of this video even though it definitely carries a doomsayer mentality throughout.

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