What is Vegan Permaculture?

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Vegan Permaculture is the bringing together of two powerful and inspiring movements. Both are focused on how we produce food and live in alignment with core values. For vegans the focus is  on not consuming or supporting the exploitation of animals. For permaculture the core ethics are are: earth care, people care and fair share – with the practical application being the growth and development of food, homes and communities in ways that recognise and make use of natural patterns and systems.

The combination of veganism and permaculture, from a vegan perspective, makes sense because the avoidance of animal products alone does not ensure a products is fair, sustainable or not harming animals. Food grown using pesticides, animal fertilisers and the destruction of natural habitats, for example, then wrapped in plastic and shipped around the world is still harmful to animals as well as humans.

Meanwhile, the addition of veganism, from a permaculture perspective, expands on the core ethics of earth care and fair share – positioning people more so as guardians and protectors of life rather than exploiters. It also potentially serves to support permaculture’s people care ethic with thinkers such as Auschwitz holocaust survivor Dr. Alex Hershaft suggesting that the oppression of animals acts as a gateway to the oppression of people by conditioning children from a young age to love and care for some, based on appearance and tradition, and kill and exploit others.

Vegan Permaculture is an aspirational goal that on a practical level raises new challenges, questions and opportunities that will be explored throughout the pages and posts of this website. This site, therefore, does not represent dogmatic ideology closed for debate. Comments, questions and suggestions are encouraged and the development of Vegan Permaculture is by it’s very nature an open-source, diverse and evolving movement.


I help to grow Vegan Permaculture.


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